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Profitable esports furniture for distribution/retailing

E-Blue is providing a full range of esports furniture for any bedroom/living room installation. Most of the esports furniture is now available for order. Gamer can order any item individually among gaming desk, chair, bed, wardrobe, light stand, bookshelf, sofa, coffee table, wall mounted water-cooling case etc. Pegging with the most innovated technology RGB “Smart” control, eligible to download the apps from the apple store or google play. A client presses a click from their smartphone. It brings them a 32’s extreme light mode control, which applies to all wired eblue furniture in their bedroom.

Esports furniture is absolutely a new category and potentially in the gaming and furniture market. Particularly with the “Smart” control idea. It shall bring a profitable return to any global distributor/retailer, it has contained almost 40% G.P for the distribution and another 40% G.P for the retailer/e-tailer. You company is always be welcome to become our local distributor/reseller in your region or country.

Should you have any questions or samples need. Please feel free to let us know.


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