E-Blue Gaming started Since1999 by a group of gamers from Japan and Hong Kong. During this period of time, we have won numerous awards in Gaming Furniture and Gaming Peripherals. Over 1000's E-Sports center worldwide has been built by our team and it is one of our progressive movements since 2016.

Our products are built based on demands from gamers throughout the whole E-Sports industries. We provide solution for gamers with desired durability and comfortability withstanding 24/7 usage. We currently provide investors solutions and consultations for the project.

E-Blue Gaming is a well-known Global Company, we are now setting up our products and services in North America which has been operating for over 3 years and currently have over 65 locations of E-Sports Center throughout North America. We strike to provide the quality service and products to our customers in North America.

Created By Gamers For Gamers.

E-Blue Gaming is a 16x award-winning gaming furniture and peripherals manufacturer established in 1999 by a group of passionate gamers.

We Value Quality.

We are known as an emerging force of nature in the gaming world by global companies such as Disney, PC & Gamer Magazine.

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We are Global.

More than 1000 E-sports & gaming facilities use our product worldwide, with almost two decades of experience.