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Create Your Gaming World!

With E-BLUE Professional PC. Gaming furniture

More than 1000’s e-blue e-sport arena are open all over North America, South East Asia, middle east and China etc. during the year of 2016 and 2019.

Who we are

Since 1999, a group of passionate and enthusiastic gamer team has spread the sales and set up centers in many cities globally. E-Blue Gaming design, manufacture and provide consultations and set up services for investors. We have more that 300 customer orientated E-Blue crew members who bring their own respective expertise to help achieve our company goals.


Our goal is to bring tremendous business etiquette with a fair revenue to our investors. At the same time, creating an enjoyable and satisfying E-Sports atmosphere.

We have set up more than 1000's E-Sport premises since 2016 which includes Gaming Lounge, Gaming Center, Gaming Hotel and E-Sports facilities including academic field. We are currently leading the market in E-Sports products and environment and we have up-to-date products for sale at the E-Sport center into the retail outlets like Virgin Mega store, Carrefour, MediaMart and HMV etc. 

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