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PC set up VS Console set up

Why E-Blue abandoned the old payment system?

From now on, E-Blue offers “Arcade game-like” payment system for the arena. So,

1. no cashier is needed 2. no barrier between customer & PC/Console. Easier they can reach the product, easier they will pay ***Also supports PC and Consoles

Feature: 1. could adjust to accept any kind of coins 2. configuration of timer is adjustable (e.g. 1 dollar could be for 5/10/15/20/25/30mins) 3. The collection box can show how many coins are inserted 4. The collection box could be upgraded. So, you can check how many coins you have received through mobile APP.

PC: 1. Same idea 2. Reboot automatically when the time is up & it will restore to its original setting (self maintenance & be ready for next customer).

This is also the easiest way to integrate or implement to any gaming Arena. You can call it as plug n play payment system.

Payment Device Functions:

The “web server” can show you how many coins you have in total. This server not only can be accessed through your wifi network, you can also access it anywhere so, when you are outside you still can see your payment details on your shop.

The monitor is playing the centralized advertisement video or image maybe you can put your promotions or games you have so that the user can see the products and games you offer.

The computer is totally turned off, it will save you a lot of electricity power and cost. When no one is using the computer, the computer will be turned off automatically.

When the time is up, the computer will do a graceful shutdown. It will close all the applications first and then turn off the computer. after the computer is turned off, the display will switch back to the advertisement screen.

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