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E-BLUE is ready to enter the E-Sport market in Thailand fully !!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Announcing the appointment of Expresscoms as the official sole distributor in Thailand.

[ Bangkok ] On Friday, September 22, 2017 - In the past, Mr. Kriengsak Kaskratok, Managing Director of Expresscoms Company Limited (Expresscoms) and Mr. Jason Lo Business Development Manager from E-Blue International Corporation held a press conference and joined Signing a memorandum of understanding appointing a representative Officially sells E-BLUE products solely in Thailand. which was held at the Gspeed Living Plus shop, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 53, within the event received attention from the media, including games, E-Sport and IT, actively participating in the event. It is the origin of the E-BLUE brand for the media to get to know each other better. The founding group of E-BLUE is a pioneering gamer. As a result, E-BLUE's corporate culture is full of inspiration. Driven by true gamers The main products of the E-BLUE brand are gaming gear and gaming furniture covering the needs of gamers such as keyboard mice, headphones, tables, and high-performance gaming chairs. Quality and affordable price.

E-BLUE has researched and developed products with a heart full of true gamer spirit. Therefore, it meets and is accepted by gamers around the world, including guaranteeing performance from real users by Dan Danai Samutrot and Bank CyberClasher. In addition, E-BLUE is also the world's first gaming gear brand. That can create a cutting-edge Gaming Arena under the name E-BLUE E-SPORT ARENA in many countries and is also a co-driver and supporter of E-Sports athletes.

On the other hand, Expresscoms, which is the sole official distributor in Thailand. Under the management of Mr. Kriengsak Kaskratok, a young executive, very energetic and talented. The person behind the success of Thailand's famous internet cafes such as G-Speed ​​and G-Speed.

Living Plus The launch of Expresscoms marks another important step as a distributor of gaming gear products to help meet the needs of Internet cafes across the country and elevate Internet cafes to a new 4.0 dimension. Join to push the gaming industry and Internet cafes, including the E-Sport industry in Thailand to the fullest.


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