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E-BLUE Unveils The Second Generation E-BLUE Esports Stadium

Since the official launch event back in May 2017, E-BLUE is showing no signs of slowing down in setting up its Esports Arena. During our recent visit to E-Blue Malaysia, we were informed that E-BLUE have already set up a total of 8 E-Blue Esports Stadium nationwide to date.

E-BLUE revealed that the second generation of E-Blue Esports Stadium is already in progress. We were taken to a tour to a new E-Blue Esports Stadium located in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, equipped with the second generation setup.

The first thing we spotted when we arrived at the new E-BLUE Esports Stadium is the second generation ‘gate’ at the entrance. The new ‘gate’ comes with a much more striking appearance, especially on the lighting and details.

Unlike most of the NVIDIA certified internet cafe we’ve seen nowadays, the E-BLUE Esports Stadium retains its own unique design instead of being painted green like the rest.

Moving on to the interiors, we can see that the wall panels and lighting has been upgraded, while the gaming chair and desk is retained. The second generation design has an upgraded design on both the lighting and wall panels.

Other than the gaming section, E-BLUE also prepared a different section for a more casual purpose. As this section is meant for casual users who just want to surf the web or streaming videos, sofa chair is used instead of gaming chair to ensure better comfort.

On top of that, the control module on each desk has received a small upgrade – dedicated smartphone dock. Smartphone can be placed on the dock for easier accessibility and reading notification. User can also charge their smartphone by routing the charging cable via the cable routing path.

According to E-BLUE, investors are given the best advantage of low capital investment, fast return, speedy installation and global shared resources which one cannot possibly find it else where. Setting up the Esports Stadium from scratch will take around 7 to 8 weeks, as it takes around 2 to 3 weeks for the parts to arrive.

The initiative is aimed to change how the public perceive cybercafes, as well as providing a conducive atmosphere and environment of an actual E-Sports competition. There are already a number of new and existing cybercafe owners who is interested in the initiative and we can expect to see more E-Blue Esports Stadium in the near future.


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