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Custom order / EEC217


Supreme Comfort Gaming Sofa


The minimum purchase quantity for this chair is 10 pieces.


•  Customize logo.

•  Super Comfort with soft sponge made, double hole design for breathability.
•  Durable 4-points base, up to 150KG static loading weight.
•  Adjustable backrest at any angle between 80°-135° with free rocking function.
•  Omni-directional PU casters for quick movement without noise.
•  Upside-down carbonated design armrest to move up and down.

•  W800mm x H1230mm x L590mm



The EB

An unprecedented gaming furniture model that is a fusion of a Gaming Sofa and Gaming Chair. It is named 'Gaming Sofair.' The fundamental idea is to provide the most comfortable and soft backrest, akin to the usual high quality of Northern European sofas, while still incorporating the subjectivity of a gaming chair.

20231219 EEC217a-04.png

The sofa has several features that make it stand out

The sofa has a durable 2-point base + 2 wheels supporting up to 200 pounds of static loading weight. 

The backrest is adjustable at any angle between 80°-135° with a free rocking function, and the sofa has omnidirectional PU casters for quick movement without noise. 

20231219 EEC217a-02.png

We can customize yours logo by embroidered

The chair is black/grey with green accents, with the EB Gaming logo or customized brand logo embroidered into both the headrest and the back central side.


Armrest height adjustable

The armrests have an upside-down carbonated design that can move up and down, and the sofa is more comprehensive than most gaming chairs, with a width of 800mm.


The “Supreme Comfort” pattern sewn into the upholstery

An extremely soft sponge cushion, and the world’s first black/grey ventilated PU leather finish. 

The sofa is easy to assemble in two pieces

And sits on engineered wood legs attached to the frame with long lag bolts. It also has a small lever for reclining, so gamers can game (or read or browse the internet) in a relaxed position.



DSC01856 size-01.png
DSC01856 size-02.png

Product name: EEC217BGAA-IA

Supported weight: 150 Kg

Dimensions: W800 x H1230 x L590mm

Sofa weight: 21.8 Kg


What are 100% Virgin Grade PTFE Feet?

This are glide skates that are made from 100% pure PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylenet) material without any additives or color. It has one of the very lowest coefficients of friction. This ensures your mouse will fly across your mousepad.

How is battery life calculated?

The Aerox 3 features two wireless modes which provide different durations of battery life. In Bluetooth mode, expect up to 200 hours. In 2.4 GHz mode, expect up to 80 hours. Out of the box, the mouse is set to “Default mode”: when the mouse is idle for 30 seconds the LED’s dim by 50%. After an additional 4.5 minutes of idle time, the lighting and mouse go into sleep mode. When the mouse is moving, the lighting is turned off until the mouse stops moving. These settings can be adjusted in SteelSeries Engine.

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