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E-Blue Gaming: Making ESports Accessible to the Masses

ESports Gaming in Nightclubs & Bars

At the end of March, I was given a chance to attend the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas. This was different for me because I’m a technology Writer / Reviewer for YBLTV. I didn’t have a clue why this convention would be relevant to me. My editor had asked me several times to go to the conference, and I continued to say there would be nothing there for me to write about.

Something, however piqued my interest that our editor posted in the YBLTV Team portal: the show’s ESports & Gaming Pavilion, a presentation of the Scout Gaming Platform and Creative Works. Immediately, I was interested. I did some research and one of the companies in particular stood out: E-Blue Gaming.

E-Blue Gaming

Some gamers may know of E-Blue. There are several content creators that use their gaming products while streaming. E-Blue is now creating gaming stations that are ESport-centric. This certainly presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.

These gaming stations come with everything a customer would use while gaming — in one perfect package. The stations are equipped with E-Blue’s products and can be configured so gamers can play in the same area. E-Blue is currently working to make these stations available to any company interested in embarking joining the ESports craze.

“Get into the world of gaming with the E-Blue gaming station,” – Washington Thompson, YBLTV Writer / Reviewer

E-Blue stations work with consoles and PCs, which are housed in a small compartment that rest behind the station Monitor. Each monitor is able to output gaming in beautiful 1080P resolution and holds enough space for a gamer to enjoy themselves.

The stations also come with customizable illumination lamps that can be changed to indicate teams, type of games and even the company’s brand colors. E-Blue has thought of everything when creating their Gaming station. Comfort, ease of play, eye wear; you name it, they’ve considered it.

My Final Thoughts

Gaming is returning to its arcade roots. There are now several ESports arenas across America and more will come in the future. E-Blue is poised to be the go-to company for any company looking to cash in on this exploding market.

Whether you’re at a nightclub, bar or simply, your home— the world of gaming, ESports and virtual reality is only getting bigger… and biggerand bigger.


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