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Custom order / EGT588


RGB color Electric Height-Adjustable Desk with Aluminum surfaced backboard


The minimum purchase quantity for this table is 8 pieces.


•  Customize logo.

•  Steel table frame, black carbonate surface.
•  Load-bearing capacity up to 60kgs.
•  Topboard thickness 15-18mm.
•  The lifting height is 700 to 1150 mm, which can be seated or standing.
•  Intelligent height memory.
•  Single moto, lifting speed 10mm/S.
•  Overload protection, overheat protection, one button restore.
•  Increased RGB lighting effect, doubled esports atmosphere.

The EGT588 RGB height adjustable desk

Can be adjusted to different height levels. It has RGB displayed in three dimensions at the back and left/right sides, with a width of 1.2M, a carbonated desk surface, and a peggable aluminum backboard for privacy needs or room partitioning. It is an excellent option for those who want to customize their workspace and create a unique ambiance.


Electric Height-Adjustment

Touch memory control panel

Powered by a motor that allows the user to adjust the height without manually lifting and lowering it by force. Produced a controller that allows the gamer to set their expected height level, and the desk can revert to the previous preset level through the controller.

20240208 EGT588_2out-03.png
20240208 EGT588_2out-06.png
20240208 EGT588_2out-07.png
20240208 EGT588_2out-05.png
20240208 EGT588_2out-04.png

One such RGB desk is an electrically height-adjustable gaming desk with a relatively wide height range, a modern electric motor, an intelligent remote, and onboard memory. It is also equipped with additional features such as overload protection, memory settings, etc.

4 Memory settings / 4 preset heights

LED display

Up and down movement

20240208 EGT588_2out-08.png

Overload protection

Low noise

20240208 EGT588_2out-02.png

A Unique RGB Display for a Real Gaming Experience

It features bright and attractive RGB lighting perfectly designed for ambient lighting.

20240208 EGT588_2out-09.png

Controlled by remote

It gives an extra feature to the user that the aluminum board allows room partitioning or keeps privacy and protects any other objects from interrupting on the front side.

Aluminum backboard


Customization is available for the desk

You can add personalized silk printing on the desk, such as your own signature, brand logo and any creative design etc.

This desk is black/grey in color with green accents & the EB Gaming logo or personalized design on the back stand.

20240208 EGT588_2out-10.png

Carbonized desk surface

The carbonated desk surface is a unique and stylish feature that sets this desk apart. It is made of a material with a slightly textured surface, giving it a modern and edgy look. The triangle shape of the desk angle is also a trendy and fashion-forward design choice. It makes the desk look more dynamic and visually appealing.

20240208 EGT588_2out-10_edited.png

Adjustable heights for use in two modes

The gaming desk can generally be adjusted from sitting to standing, allowing the gamer to alternate between the two throughout the day.

The combination of these two design elements creates a desk that is both functional and stylish. It is sure to appeal to gamers looking for a desk that will not only provide them with a comfortable and ergonomic workspace but also make a statement about their style.

20240208 EGT588_2out-11.png


Product name: EGT588BKRR-1.2

Load-bearing capacity: 60kgs

Dimensions: L1200 x W600 x H700-1150mm

Table weight: 24 Kg




Please process your payment to us using PayPal or securely process credit/debit card payments in PayPal.

After receiving the order, we will contact you via email as soon as possible to arrange the production of the design and the transportation of the goods.


We offer door-to-door shipping options from our production workshop in Asia; the cost and lead time will be based on your order total, weight, and destination. After we accept your order payment, we will return it and let you know the shipping cost, and we will process the second payment to us by PayPal for the shipping cost.


Upon receiving your payment and the shipping cost, we shall process your customized order with your logo within 30-45 days. Our customer services shall collect your logo and return the product image with your logo before production.

Please email your logo to:

Duration of Guarantee

We offer at least one year of product guarantee starting from the date of purchase according to our system. 

Product Guarantee

You may request for an exchange of the product within 7 days of delivery if the product is found to be defective. After 7 days of purchase, you can still enjoy the repair service covered by our products' warranty and contact us for arrangement.

What is Covered under this Guarantee?

Structural manufacturing defects in material of the frames and moving parts are covered by this guarantee. These include the armrests, casters, gas lift and base of the chair.

What is NOT COVERED under this Guarantee?

The guarantees do not apply if:
1) The products have been stored or assembled incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered without the written permission of EBgamings;
2) The products have been damaged due to normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or impacts or accidents;
3) The products have not been assembled in accordance with the assembly instructions;
4) The products have been damaged due to external factors such as exposure to the sun, dampness, dust or mites etc;
5) The damage is on the mesh, fabric and leather covers, seat and back cushions;
6) The original sales invoice of the products is non-present;

Conditions for the guarantees

A proof of purchase (the original sales invoice issued by EBgamings) is required for this guarantee to be effective. 

Other Terms and Conditions

All structural manufacturing defects of the product as alleged by the customer shall be examined. EBgamings shall determine in its sole discretion whether the damage is covered by this guarantee. EBgamings retains the exclusive right to repair or replace the product or offer a full refund of the purchase price at its sole discretion. All decisions by EBgamings shall be final.

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