"World's First" Smartphone RGB lighting control gaming desk.

  • Supports "APP" download available on IOS(Apple store) & Android(Google play).
  • "APP" Control RGB lighting effect by WiFi for any single unit OR any others connected eblue "Smart" furniture.
  • Lighting ON/OFF, synchronized with Computer Power.
  • The most esports desirable gaming desk which appropriates to install for any home setup & gaming team training purpose. 
  • Eligible for any size extension by desk combination, allow to expand from 1 desk compound into 2, 4, 6 or 8's desk for any esports tournament or home spaces fitting-in need.
  • A "Widescreen" gaming desk supports Maximum 3's x 24 inches PC monitor, or a single L.E.D Monitor up to 65 inches.
  • Height adjustable up to 790mm (2 feet & 6 inches).
  • An underlead "Metal" power Socket & cable Tray.
  • Full surface desk mat covered.

EGT568-S “Smart” Gaming desk allow combination

  • Product size: L1708 X W822 X H804mm
    (min703, max850)
    Package size
        Box1: L867 X W620 X H244mm
        Box2: L808 X W120 X H166mm
    Floor to Base: (min 643, max 790)
    Weight Load Capacity: 95KG
    Mouse pad’s Thickness: 5mm
    Net Weight:
        Box1: 21KG
        Box2: 23KG
    Gross Weight: 
        Box1: 24KG
        Box2: 25KG
    Power and Plug Description: AC 230V to DC 12V